Program and Course Approval

All requests to add new credit programs or certificates to a college’s inventory of career technical education programs requires a recommendation from the region’s Regional Consortium designated lead Career Technical Education (CTE) administrators. A full outline of the course submission process can be found in the September 2013, Fifth Edition of the Program and Course Approval Handbook.

Obtaining a Recommendation

A recommendation for adding a new credit program or certificate is required by the Academic Affairs Division of the California Community College Chancellor’s Office and is intended to inform colleges in the region about changes in programs at other colleges and to foster a spirit of collaboration and coordination that results in viable and accessible choices of occupational and workforce education throughout the Region.

To obtain this recommendation, college representatives are to follow the local process. Protocol for Endorsement of New Credit Programs

Course Approvals & Voting

All new credit courses must be voted on and a majority vote of the institutions attending is required for program application endorsement (One vote per college.)

Once a program application packet is submitted to the Central Regional Consortium office, the Regional Consortium will notify each designated CTE administrator of the pending action electronically with a link to the program application.

Following the distribution of the program packet, a new program will be voted on by electronic ballot.

Each community college’s designated lead Career Technical Education (CTE) administrator is responsible for submitting the vote on behalf of his/her institution.  Only one vote is counted per campus.  Nay votes must be accompanied by rationale.  The college submitting the application is notified electronically of the outcome of the balloting process, to include the rationale for any nay votes received.

CRC Program Review Process

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Program Endorsement Checklist- PDF
Program Endorsement Template – Revised
Types of Courses and Certificates Colleges can offer per Title 5