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Kern Community College District serves as the fiscal agent for Central Mother Lode Regional Consortium.

K 12 SWP Reporting Process

Quarterly Reporting Timeline


K12 Strong Workforce Program grantees receive 70% of the awarded funds as an advancement once the contract between the lead LEA and CVMLC/ Kern CCD is ratified. LEAs may invoice for expenditures made over the initial 70% advance at anytime and no later than 8 weeks after the last fiscal report of the grant is due. To invoice, expenditures must first be reported in NOVA

Steps to Invoice:

  1. Obtain a detailed general ledger (GL) report from your accounting/business office showing K12 SWP expenditures for the invoice period.
  2. Indicate what expenses on your general ledger go to which object code. If you are reporting $10,000 in Object Code 2000, then on your on your back up there should be expenses that add up to that amount.
  3. Create a summary sheet that has a breakdown of the total amounts for each Object code (please see example below).
  4. Please show what expenses on you general ledger go to which object code.
  5. Report all grant expenditures in NOVA. Match expenditures must also be reported in NOVA before a payment will be made on a submitted invoice.
  6. Upload your invoice, the detailed general ledger report, object code summary sheet, quarterly expenditure and match certification (if different than in Nova) using the button below.

Click here for invoice template

K12 SWP Fiscal Reporting

In this “How To” video, the makers of NOVA, ProductOps, present how to complete K12 SWP Fiscal Reporting in the NOVA platform.


  • Even though you budget by the fiscal year, and you track your expenditures by fiscal year, NOVA reporting is cumulative, so there is no annual “carry over.”
  • NOVA is a cumulative reporting system, so if in Q2, you report $10,000, then the minimum amount required to be reported in Q4 is $10,000. If you want to report $5,000 in Q2, you would report $15,000 (10,000 from Q2 + 5,000 from Q4).

Budget Modifications

It is required to submit a Budget Revision Request form to the CVML for the following scenarios:

  • A budget category will change 10% or more of the total amount per line item.
  • A budget category is added or deleted.
  • The total dollar amount of the grant agreement will change for the Lead LEA.
  • The outcomes of the grant agreement/certified plan will be materially affected.
  • Permission for a capital outlay purchase has not been given.
  • A partner will no longer be part of the project.

If any of the above scenarios apply, please click on the link below.

CVML Budget Revision Form

Click Here for Budget Revision Calculator

Once your budget revision has been approved, please modify your budget in Nova. Below is a video on how to make to changes directly to Nova.


If you have any Questions, please contact Director, K14 TAP, Dr. Octavio Patiño (octavio.patino@crconsortium.com).