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Strong Workforce Program

More & Better CTE
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Focusing on Data-Driven Outcomes

At the recommendation of the California Community College Board of Governors, the Governor and Legislature approved the Strong Workforce Program, adding a new annual recurring investment of $200 million to spur career technical education (CTE) in the nation’s largest workforce development system of 116 colleges.

Grouped into seven areas targeting student success, career pathways, workforce data and outcomes, curriculum, CTE faculty, regional coordination and funding, this leading-edge state economic development program is driven by “more and better” CTE. The “more” is increasing the number of students enrolled in programs leading to high-demand, high-wage jobs. The “better” is improving program quality, as evidenced by more students completing or transferring programs, getting employed or improving their earnings.

The Strong Workforce Program focuses on data-driven outcomes rather than activities, along with an emphasis on innovation and risk-taking. In this way, colleges can be more responsive to labor market conditions and student outcomes. CTE Data Unlocked, a component of the program, helps colleges use CTE data to strengthen regional workforce plans by furthering local processes like program review, accreditation, and integrated planning.

This new ongoing funding is structured as a 60 percent Local Share allocation for each community college district and a 40 percent Regional Share determined by a regional consortia of colleges to focus on the state’s seven macro-economic regions. Both the Local and Regional Share require local stakeholders to collaborate, including industry and local workforce development boards. As much as possible, this program builds upon existing regional partnerships formed in conjunction with the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, state Adult Education Block Grant and public school CTE programs. While 2016 was spent planning and preparing for the Strong Workforce Program, 2017 will focus on execution and evaluation.

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CVML Strategic Plan 2023-2025 PDF

Teacher Prep Pipeline Program – engages California Community Colleges in developing successful teacher preparation programs by facilitating access to strategies, tools and resources that can boost the number and diversity of students entering the education field. For more information regarding TPP programs, visit http://teacherprepprogram.org/ 

QuickPath Prior Learning Assessment Program – a faculty led and designed program that allows colleges to offer course credit to students who can demonstrate prior learning. PLA expands the traditional offerings beyond Challenge Exams and CLEP tests to include credit by portfolio assessment. Data shows that the use of Prior Learning Assessment can help increase demand and completions and decrease the cost and time to degree. Click here to learn more about CRC’s innovations in this program 

CTE Regional Campaign – The CRC is undergoing a regional campaign to increase student enrollments in career education and engage employers in work-based learning and job placements. The campaign tools will be launched in the Fall of 2018 that model the statewide campaign with tailored messages for the CRC. Check back for the CRC regional toolkit and click here for the statewide campaign toolkit.

CRC LookBook for Counselors!– Now available, the CRC’s Find It Be It Lookbook for Counselors, “Your Guide to Career Education in the Central Valley and Mother Lode Region”
Find It Be It LookBook