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K12 Strong Workforce Program

Central/Mother Lode Regional Consortium
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K12 Strong Workforce Program

In summer 2018, the California legislature introduced the K12 Strong Workforce Program (K12 SWP) as an ongoing statewide funding opportunity. It is designed to support K–12 local education agencies (LEAs) in creating, improving, and expanding career technical education (CTE) courses, course sequences, programs of study, and pathways for students transitioning from secondary education to postsecondary education to living-wage employment.

CRC K12 SWP Application Overview

Presentation PowerPoint

CRC K12 SWP Round 4 Engagement Meeting Presentation

K12 SWP Application Resources

K12 Request for Applications (RFA)

2020-21 K12 CRC Engagement Meeting Information

CCCCO Bidders Conference Q&A

K12 Selection Committee Members

Michelle Miler-Galaz – Community College or Community College District

Tami Truax  School/District

Katherine Medina-Gross – Community College or Community College District

Kathi Dunham-Filson – County Office of Education

Mary Whited – Regional Occupational Center/Program

Jonna Schengel – Community College or Community College District

Claudia VanDenBergh – School/District

Daniel Ching – School/District

Amanda Gomez – School/District

Becky Barabe – Community College or Community College District

Craig Hayward – Community College or Community College District

Janet Sloan – County Office of Education

Edward Kotoian – School/District

Suzanne McKean – School/District

Valerie Pieroni – Grant Writing Consult

Donna Silva – Banking

Desiree Landeros – Workforce Development

Additional Resources

K12 SWP Online Reporting Due Dates

Capital Outlay Request

CCCCO K12 SWP Overview


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K12 Round 1 2018-19 Awardees

K12 Round 2 2019-20 Awardees

K12 Round 3 2020-21 Awardees