Capital Outlay Request

CRC Process:

  • We have moved to using the google form online:
  • Process of online capital outlay:
    • LEA completes online form
    • Form will follow logic based on response:
      • Is the amount for capital outlay match your plan –
        • NO > Budget Request form needed and the LEA will have to adjust their OWN NOVA PLAN BUDGET
        • YES > Budget request form is NOT needed
    • Once form is completed, the form is emailed to the K14 TAP and Pathway Coordinator Team.
    • Pathway Coordinators will review request within their service area.
    • Pathway Coordinators will either follow up with additional information needed, IF needed.
    • Pathway Coordinators will review for pre-approval and email RC with their recommendation
    • Please allow 3 business days to respond to Capital Outlay Request