Health Workforce Initiative

Valerie Fisher

DSN Health Workforce Initiative



 Background: 35 + years’ experience in health care, workforce development & education including:

  • Registered Nurse – ER, Trauma, ICU/CCU, Flight Nursing & Transplantation
  • Program Coordinator for Community Collaborative Grants (WIBs/K-12)
  • Regional Director/Program Director for various EWD special projects

Sector Need: Regional priorities include:

  • Collaboration with the Central Regional Consortium in moving the needle forward to improve student success and job readiness;
  • Continue to serve regional colleges with technical assistance, program preservation and innovation for CC allied health/nursing programs;
  • Continue to advance the work of regional community based organizations (NLC, WIBS, Economic Development groups, non-profit health organizations);
  • Provide incumbent worker career advancement opportunities (RN specialty, CT Tech and Medical Assisting trainings);
  • Support regional Health Academies/ROPs/CTE Health Career Pathways with faculty trainings, curriculum updates and technical assistance;
  • Monitor and support changes in the health care industry as the Affordable Care Act is implemented throughout California; and
  • Continue with ongoing professional development activities in CCCAOE, ACCCA and other professional organizations.

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