Have You Considered the Possibilities?

Have you considered the possibilities

In California a significant portion of this training is in ATRE, the Advanced Transportation and Renewable Energy industries.  

Are you already part of training the estimated 227,000 employees of the workforce who are a part of transportation and renewable energy industries? Would your campus like to join in or do more?

Have you been able to keep track of the changes in these two rapidly growing industries and build successful partnerships? Are you ready to get started or build on what’s in place?
Do you have current data to help you decide which training options are right for your campus or district? Do you need access to workforce transportation and energy data?

The California Community Colleges Advanced Transportation and Renewable Energy programs (ATRE) can help you grow your programs. Download the report Link to http://r20.rs6.net here

Educational Opportunity TemplateDownload ATRE’s “Educational Opportunity Template.”

The EOT is a “Go, No-Go Device” to help you and your campus make a decision about the creation of a class or program. Many things need to be considered before money, people and time are invested in the curriculum development process and this template will help you determine if the opportunity is truly there.

Transportation and Renewable Energy) represents an array of clean energy technologies that form a critical part of California’s strategy for reducing its climate change impact and its dependency on foreign energy, as well as growing a robust green economy by helping California’s businesses remain competitive in a global market.ATRE



 To visit the ATRE website, click here!

For more information, contact:

Peter Davis 

ATRE Statewide Sector Navigator
Phone: 619 473-0090

Email: outrchpd@me.com

ATRE: Ensuring that California has a Highly Skilled, Clean-Energy Workforce

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