DSNs Attended “Linking Sector Strategies & Education Reform”


Visalia (DWM) – Several Central Valley & Mother Lode Regions Deputy Sector Navigators (DSN’s) joined in a conference to learn about and support the Career Pathway Trust grantee recipient, Tulare-Kings Linked Learning Consortium.

Louann Waldner, Dean, Career Technical Education & Workforce Development, at College of Sequoias, Valerie Fisher, DSN-Health Workforce Initiative, Lorinda Forrest, DSN-Small Business, Dennis Mohle, DSN-ICT/DM, and Gurminder Sangha, “Mr. G”, DSN-Advanced Manufacturing attended the conference and networked with employers and educators to provide support in developing the pathways for the Tulare-Kings Linked Learning Consortium Schools.

Presentation on a program called “Launch Path developed by Foundation for California Community Colleges was presented by Beth Kay, Linked Learning Manager. Launch Path is a pilot program that will engage employers statewide in the Linked Learning movement and help high school and Community College students secure paid internships in top fields such as engineering, health care, law, etc.

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