Terry Plett

Interim DSN Retail/Hospitality/Tourism


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Sector Need: A top in-demand job category, for the both Central Valley/ML is “Food Services.” Regional Community Colleges offer primarily Business curriculum or Culinary programs. “Recreation/Tourism” are limited to a couple of the twelve colleges within this Region. RHT is currently the number one economic sector (creating the most new jobs), within the State of California. However, the San Joaquin Economic Region is the only region of California, for which Tourism is not the major engine of job creation/economic growth. The connections between Visitor Arrivals and Agriculture [Ag-Tourism], still remain weak. Three quarters of all Hospitality/Tourism businesses remain in the hands of “Mom & Pops” (now serviced in colleges, by the allied “Small Business” Sector DSN). New opportunities will present themselves in the separate but related Sector of: Transportation. Research indicates that RHT makes the best “1st job” for most workers, teaching many of the necessary “soft skills.”

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