Retail,Hospitality, and Tourism

Vincent Roos, DSN

Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism


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Sector Need: Retail, Hospitality, and Tourism (RHT): Research indicates that RHT makes the best “1st job” for most workers because it teaches many of the necessary “soft skills” necessary to excel in the workforce. A few examples of these skills include, but aren’t limited too, self-motivation, conflict resolution, and teamwork. RHT is a continuously growing field, because of this it’s constantly seeking educated and professionally trained individuals to hire on, in order to meet the high-demand of this continuously growing sector. “Food Service” is one of the most popular sub-categories within this group; not just in the Central Valley but throughout the Mother Lode Region as well. The majority of the regional Community Colleges offer ‘Retail and Hospitality’ programs with Business oriented curriculums, but they’ve recently expanded their offerings to include a variety of culinary programs as well.  Even though the “Recreation & Tourism” focus is offered at only a select amount of the fourteen colleges within this region, it still offers students a well-rounded education that sets them up to pursue careers in public service, private recreation, outdoor recreation and more! RHT  is currently the number one economic sector (creating a large volume of new jobs), within the State of California. However, the San Joaquin Economic Region is the only region of California, in which Tourism is not the major engine of job creation and economic growth. The connections between Visitor Arrivals and Agriculture [Ag-Tourism], still remain weak. Three-quarters of all ‘Hospitality & Tourism‘ related businesses remain in the hands of “Mom & Pops” (now serviced in colleges, by the allied “Small Business” Sector DSN).

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