Agriculture, Water & Environmental Technologies

Krista Vannest

DSN Agriculture, Water & Environmental Technologies.





My name is Krista Vannest and I will be serving you as the Deputy Sector Navigator.  Everything is official now, and I am settled in here at Modesto Junior College.   I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and open up discussion for the potential projects, professional development, and ideas want to share with me.   I want to be able to address your concerns and meet your needs.

A little about my background, I have been an Agriculture Instructor for 18 years.  I spent 17 years in the high school ranks and during that time, I served as a adjunct instructor at MJC for several semesters.  Last year I had the opportunity to teach a full-time, temporary assignment for a recent retiree.   Although I am new to the DSN role, I am not new to education.

When I am not at work, I raise livestock on our family nut farm in East Modesto.  My husband is a former Ag Teacher, turned Administrator for Alternative Education in Stanislaus County.  Our two children, raise and show livestock and are active in volleyball and wrestling.

Sector Needs: 

Agriculture is one of the most economically critical sectors in the world and is integrated into every aspect of modern society. Agriculture is a complex sector that includes much more than farming or ranching. The sector also includes the support, processing, and distribution of goods. From a workforce perspective, the agriculture sector represents the largest number of jobs in the nation and in California. In addition California produces billions of dollars in agriculture products each year, providing a fundamental economic base to the state’s economy. California’s climate and diverse land resources provides the ideal location for a variety of crops and livestock. The state of California provides approximately half of the fruits, vegetables, and nuts in the country. California is also the largest state for milk production in the nation.

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